TeaM Edinburgh

Angus for site    Barbara Bompani     SJ Cooper-Knock

    Graham for site    Maggie for site

Jamie F SeaM 2    Alison Koslowski    Tom for site

Paul Nugent     Gil Viry      James for site

Sam for site    Pat Stys SeaM 2   Robin Williams

TeaM Witwatersrand

Thea SeaM    Alex H SeaM    Zaheera SeaM

Loren SeaM     JP Misago     Emma Monama

Noor SeaM   Noeleen Murray    Dudu Ndlovu

Becky WalkerJo Vearey    Elsa Oliveira

      Alex SeaM

SeaM TeaM Associates

Jessica Yu

SeaM Advisory Board

Richard Ballard: Gauteng City Region Observatory

Michael Battock: DfID

Lisa Chamberlain: CALS

Chandre Gould: Institute for Security Studies

Keval Harie: GALA

Isayvani Naicker: Department of Science and Technology

Geci Karuri-Sebina: South Africa Cities Network

Prof Rob Procter: University of Warwick

Marlise Richter: Sonke Gender Justice

Lauren Royston: Socio-Economic Rights Institute of SA

Dr Gail Super: Criminologist

Wandile Zwane: City of Johannesburg


Let us know what you think about this SeaM TeaM initiative...

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