TeaM Edinburgh

Angus for site    Barbara Bompani     SJ Cooper-Knock

Jamie for site    Graham for site    Maggie for site

Jamie F SeaM 2    Alison Koslowski    Tom for site

Paul Nugent     Gil Viry      James for site

Sam for site    Pat Stys SeaM 2   Robin Williams

TeaM Witwatersrand

Thea SeaM    Alex H SeaM    Zaheera SeaM

Loren SeaM     JP Misago     Emma Monama

Tamlyn Monson   Noeleen Murray    Dudu Ndlovu

Noor SeaM    Elsa Oliveira    Ingrid SeaM 2

Jo Vearey   Becky Walker   Alex SeaM

SeaM TeaM Associates

Jessica Yu

SeaM Advisory Board

Richard Ballard: Gauteng City Region Observatory

Michael Battock: DfID

Lisa Chamberlain: CALS

Chandre Gould: Institute for Security Studies

Keval Harie: GALA

Isayvani Naicker: Department of Science and Technology

Geci Karuri-Sebina: South Africa Cities Network

Prof Rob Procter: University of Warwick

Marlise Richter: Sonke Gender Justice

Lauren Royston: Socio-Economic Rights Institute of SA

Dr Gail Super: Criminologist

Wandile Zwane: City of Johannesburg


Let us know what you think about this SeaM TeaM initiative...

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