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“My current research examines the way everyday technologies provide new challenges and opportunities for engagement between state security forces and the civilians they are tasked to protect.”

Maggie Dwyer is a Research Fellow in the Centre of African Studies at University of Edinburgh.  She is co-author of the Social Media and Security in Africa (SMS:Africa) project, funded by ESRC and DFID.  The project explores the role social media plays in documenting and driving (in)security in Africa.

Maggie’s role in the SMS:Africa project builds on over a decade of research on security issues in West Africa.  Her PhD research examined military indiscipline in the form of mutinies, in both historic and contemporary contexts.  The project provided a nuanced understanding of the way soldiers make demands and challenge authority.  The findings revealed that these revolts were often linked to similar unrest in wider society.  The research was supported by a fellowship with the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation for studies on violence and aggression.

She is also leading a project titled ‘Soldiering in Africa: New Roles, New Challenges’ which runs from 2016 to 2018 with funding from the Gerda Henkel Foundation.  By examining the implementation of humanitarian and civil assistance efforts, the project investigates the diverse ways that junior soldiers are part of society and the role they play in the public sphere.

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