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‘To understand the negotiation of security we cannot just explore the fear and violence that people face. We must also give voice to the hopes and ideals they hold and pursue.’

Sarah-Jane is a Lecturer in International Development at the University of Edinburgh. She has studied statehood and citizenship in South Africa for the last eight years.

Sarah-Jane’s initial work, funded by the ESRC, focused on the process of informal settlement upgrading in South Africa, analysing how citizens understood urban politics and struggles over the right to the city.

Her PhD, also supported by the ESRC, researched what everyday policing in three demographically distinct policing sectors can tell us about imaginaries and practices of statehood and sovereignty in post-apartheid South Africa.

Her current research focuses on magistrates courts in South Africa and asks what role they play in the negotiation of everyday security and justice. It has been funded through a British Academy and Leverhulme grant.

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